Thursday Job Duties

Nov. 20, 2018

Thursdays here are a chance to catch our breath and clean up anything that has not been done yet.

We will usually roll greens unless they are growing heavily, 4/2 hours

Hand water 3-5 hours

Rough, 8 hours

Moles, 2-3 hours depending on the amount of activity

Club house, 2-4 hours and we almost always do the weed eating on Thursdays.

Thursdays are used to fix any problems that we have had with the equipment or irrigation system. Our equipment has gotten much better in the last few years and has been running very well. We still have the occasional break down usually at the worst possible time. But if we can wait till Thursdays we usually have enough time to fix the problems that do happen.

Thursday is usually the day we get most of our weed eating and clean up around the course done. We will also be cutting around sprinkler heads and doing all of the little jobs around the course.