Nov. 20, 2018


Our crew does about 98.5% of the mechanical work here at Linden. This is not only very efficient but very cost effective as well. A good mechanic would be very costly and would take resources away from the course itself. 

We do everything from the preventative maintenance to major repairs of our equipment. It can be difficult to find the time to get major repairs done during the growing and golf season. We have done a pretty good job keeping all of the equipment here in pretty good shape. I have had a mechanic out here maybe 3-5 times in the last 7 years for our equipment. 

The reason I put this under the efficiency headline is because I beleive it is the most efficient thing that we do. It not only saves 40-50 thousand a year for a mechanic who would probably object to ever going out on the course unless it is to fix something. This means we spend 100-200 hours a year of our time wrenching and the rest goes straight the the golf course. 

The majority of bigger clubs do have a dedicated mechanic that does nothing but mechanical work.