The reason you cannot play on frost

I wanted to start this post by saying that we know that frost delays suck. Frost delays hold back golfers and truly can mess up my plans for the week. 

So why do we keep players from going on the greens during frosted conditions. The easiest answer is that it can kill the grass. There are a couple things that can happen one is that you could break the very short grass becasue it is frozen. If you walk on short grass and break it can die but not always. Sometimes it just turns it to a dark black color. I have seen many times where it actually breaks at the crown of the grass and then it is dead for the winter. I have also read in the past that the ice crystals can puncture the grass blade and injure it as well. I dont think any one wants foot size dead patches on the greens. We always try to get the players out as soon as possible and keep in contact with the pro shop.