Nov. 14, 2018

We have been sanding the course for the last four years and it has made a big difference.

The sander in the picture was picked up last year from Lipoma Firs golf course. We were worried we would not get it but at the last minute the course it was promised to backed out.

When we started sanding we only had two smaller hoppers that held about a yard and a half of material. This sander holds a little more than 5 yards fully loaded and I estimate it weights about 11,000 lbs when it is.

The difference in the old sanding program to the new program is quite different. We use to sand all summer long and a great cost of labor hours and resources. Our new sanding program that I implemented this year is a few sanding during the growing season and most in the off season. We want the golf season to be as good as possible.

It use to take about three days and two people to sand the bulk of the most needy fairways. 1,3 and the 9th fairways has been the most heavily sanded areas. This would take 2 guys 2-3 days to complete. We now can do them all in a half day with just one person.

We will continue to sand all winter as the weather allows and we have the time. Our goal is to firm the course up the best we can in the off season. We will hopefully get a sanding out once monthly during the off season.