Nov. 14, 2018

We have been grinding our reels for about a year now by ourselves. We use to ship them to another course or to Turfstar equipment to have them ground.

We have sharpened the fairway reels a few times this year and it would take two guys around twenty hours to complete. We have now installed a lift that allows just one person to do the same job and recover those 20 hours.

We sharpened about ten sets of greens reels this year at 3 reels per set and weigh around 60-100 lbs per reel. The fairway reels have seven in total and weight about 180 lbs each. We can grind 4-6 greens reels in a day and about 3-4 fairway reels a day.

We have a small crew and need to be efficient as possible. Most courses have a dedicated mechanic. Our crew here at Linden does 97-100% of all the mechanical work done. We have to be efficient as possible and this goes a long way to helping us do so.