Nov. 14, 2018

Our new sprayer

Our new sprayer is so much more efficient than our last sprayer. I will go through some of the differences between the old and new sprayer.

We will start with the old sprayer and the problems we had with it. I will also explain why that machine was extremely inefficient.
The old sprayer would take 9 tanks to spray our greens, Tees & Approaches and fairways. This would take 2 to 2 1/2 days to complete. We would use it sparingly at best because it broke down often and was in disrepair. We would only spray tees & apps and fairways when they were in dire need. We constantly had to fix in and it was very expensive to maintain. Our old sprayer was manually calibrated and we had to do it multiple times a year. Calibrating it could take up to a whole day to complete.

Our new sprayer is so much more efficient and will allow us to do so much more spraying out on the course. This sprayer will spray the course in 4 1/2 tanks and can be competed in one day. That is a significant saving of time. As I stated earlier our old tank was 9 tanks and more than twice the amount of time. We also will now spray when we want to instead of waiting till we have to. This will make a huge difference in quality of turf and play ability of the course.

We have already set in motion the entire spray program for the course from now until next winter. We will receive the product at the beginning of each month and have it on hand to spray. We use to only spray our greens on a regular schedule. We will now spray our tees & approaches and fairways on a regular schedule as well.